Trumun’s SoundCloud Rave


The London based DJ and production team known as Trumun has a new SoundCloud page featuring their most recent club mixes. I sat in a hotel room in Maine as I listened to their most recent upload, “Bubble Time #03”. Small town Maine is about as far as you can get from a UK club, […]

Matthew Shell – Todos Son Bienvenidos (Featuring Judy Hunter)

Matthew Shell - Todos Son Bienvenidos (Featuring Judy Hunter) 2

I featured producer Mathew Shell’s work here before. A few weeks ago I reviewed the expertly crafted Smooth Jazz piece “Pilot,” by the aptly named Groove Project. Well, Matt asked me to check out another of his projects; “Todos Son Bienvenidos.” The song is another collaboration between Matt and others from the seemingly endless list of […]

Vacation, all I ever wanted.

Vacation, all I ever wanted. 3

The Fun-O-Rama is closed temporarily as I enjoy summer’s last rays of sun. I’ll be back in a couple of days. Enjoy the content, and be excellent to each other.

Lavender Blue’s Complex Minimalism

Lavender Blue's Complex Minimalism 4

I’ve been listening to Lavender Blue for a few months now. I don’t recall exactly when I was first turned on to her sound , but I do remember what drew me to it. With a voice like Hope Sandoval of Mazzy Star, and guitar chops like Leo Kottke, she creates a chill lo-fi mood […]

Ashley Puckett’s Medicine

Ashley Puckett

Ashley Puckett’s “Medicine” is the lead-off single from the North Huntingdon, Pennsylvania artist’s debut album “Never Say Never.” The song is a personal and intimate acoustic Country torch song. The protagonist laments a serious illness, but also sings the praise of her lover who is nursing her back to health. It is a beautiful tune […]

Gary Burk III Parties on Friday Night

Gary Burk III Parties on Friday Night 5

In my youth I attended my share of keg parties. There was always a formula to them. For instance, they were held in areas just remote enough to be out of parental eyesight. Additionally, there was always a fire. Circling the area were, in a loosely ordered pattern, a series of tailgates. Some had coolers, […]

Bill Abernathy Has Some Stories

Bill Abernathy

Bill Abernathy has one eye on the past and both feet facing forward. The Kansas City, Missouri singer/songwriter has some miles under his belt since his early days as a young and aspiring songwriter. After stepping away from music for a few years to build a life for himself and his family, he has once […]

Eli Lev Sings To The Stars

Eli Lev Sings To The Stars 6

I first became a fan of Washington DC’s Eli Lev a few months ago when he released “Treason”. That song was a funky, acoustic, genre-bending meditation on the singer’s own personal growth. His new song “To the Stars” is a further example of this adventurous artist’s willingingness to alternately embrace and dispose of the themes […]