Steve Kilbey and Gareth Koch Get Lost at Sea

Steve Kilbey and Gareth Koch Get Lost at Sea 1

When I received the song submission “Lost At Sea” by Steve Kilbey and Gareth Koch, I had to do a double take. Steve Kilbey? It can’t be that Steve Kilbey. The name must be a coincidence.

However, it actually was that Steve Kilbey. If you’re not following me, I am referring to the bassist and lead singer of The Church. When I came upon this revelation, sixteen year-old fan-boy Bob could hardly contain himself.

A Little History…

The Church is a legendary Australian Rock band who has been making brilliant records for decades. In the US they are best known for hits like, “Under the Milky Way,” “Reptile,” and “Metropolis”. In the late eighties they played psychedelic alternative rock when the rest of radio sounded like Guns and Roses and Michael Jackson.

Gareth Koch is an award winning classical & flamenco guitarist. He has a PhD in Music, and was trained at the Sydney Conservatorium of Music and the Academies of Music in Madrid and Vienna. Also from Australia, Koch has a dozen best-selling records of his own under his belt.

The two men have joined together to bring us “Lost at Sea.” The mellow acoustic ballad showcases the distinct skills of each.

Jazz My Stolen Heart…

The instrumental track is built around Koch’s two nylon stringed guitars, panned hard left and right. The track builds gradually over the first two minutes, until drums, bass, and keys have all joined the mix. However, those beautiful plucked nylon strings remain at the heart of the song throughout its full four minutes.

Mr. Kilbey’s unmistakably smooth and charismatic voice lives comfortably between the guitars. He delivers some fabulously psychedelic lines as empathy and reassurance to all of us who get lost at sea sometimes. You know you are listening to the guy who used to, “think about, the loveless fascination”, when he advises, “celebrate every day you’re not dislocated, or amalgamated into the past.”

“Lost at Sea” is a beautiful record by two world-class artists. It is the second collaboration between Kilbey and Koch. They released the song “Broken Toys” earlier this year, and more are on the way. Sixteen year-old Bob and current day Bob will both be anxiously awaiting its release.

Check out “Lost at Sea” and follow the links below for more.