Louis Just Wants to Make Some Music


People write songs for a lot of reasons. Many up and coming artists have dreams of fame, fortune, and worldwide recognition. Some want to be the next Bob Dylan, others hope to go the Ariana Grande route. Others still, just want to make some music.

The mononymously monikered Louis fits into the latter column. In his words, “I’m a little different in that I am not looking to become a star as a singer. I really want to get my songs out there in the hope that someone else might want to pick them up.”

To that end, Louis has released two new singles. Any aspiring Pop star or producer would do well to scoop either or both of them up. Their sound, style, and composition are perfectly in tune with the music happening right now on the charts.

Feel It

I love that there is an electric guitar at the center of this song. It is essentially an R&B Pop track. More often than not, this style of music is completely synth based. Louis’ use of guitar creates a cool lo-fi sound. It is a great hybrid of styles. It also tells me that Louis actually composed the piece of music on an instrument, rather than simply copy and pasting samples.

The song is a soulful ode to someone the singer would clearly like to get to know better. It flows, rhythmically and melodically. And, although Louis does not claim to be an aspiring singer, he does an excellent job with this track.


On this one Louis goes back to the guitar. This time he is playing his acoustic. I love the vibe here. It is a Latin groove that sounds like it was born on the streets of Miami. Again, compositionally this tune is spot-on for the genre. The rhythm is in constant movement.

If “Feel It” is about a relationship the singer is hoping to start, “Stars” is at the other end of the spectrum. He is looking back a love that once was, with a touch of regret.

Louis is a talented young aspiring songwriter. Check out his Spotify profile to stay up to date on everything he has in store.

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