TYO Wants To Talk To You


Maybe I was just in the right mood today for “Talk to You”. Or maybe the song put me there. Either way, I really dig this tune. Musically and lyrically, it has such a positive vibe. In the artist’s own words the message is simple, “If you really feel the desire to talk to someone, and it hurts more not to, then just go for it.”

There is some nice instrumentation here. I’m always a sucker for a great guitar line. And there is a really smooth acoustic guitar part that glues this track together from beginning to end. TYO floats comfortably between Pop, R&B, and Hip-Hop as he weaves his vocals in and out of the plucked strings.

A smooth beat picks up through the choruses. It adds a nice groove. Mellow keys and a little bit of background vocals give a little air to the track. But TYO know exactly when to drop it all too and cut back to the real stars here, his voice and guitar.

“Talk to You,” is just right. It feels like summertime. The performance and production are excellent. The young singer, songwriter, and multi-instrumentalist knows how to execute his craft. However, the song is just as successful for what TYO leaves out.

He leaves enough room for the song to breathe, and for us to hear it.





Here is what TYO says about TYO…

BERLIN, GERMANY – – – TYO is an impressive guy by any measure. He is a brilliant singer/songwriter, world traveler, easy on the eyes, speaks four languages, knows his way around computers, plays three instruments – and is on the verge of releasing the song of the season with his debut single, Talk to You.

Talk to You is the summer song that pop radio listeners and digital downloaders have been waiting for. TYO’s vocals are flawless and the melody so contagious that listeners can’t help but do a little head swivel to be sure they don’t miss spying that special someone who wants to chat them up. The rap-light song is soulful, sincere and romantic and available on iTunes, Spotify and Google Play on the

“I believe that if the way you think, talk and act are all aligned, things will come to you naturally. The message of Talk to You is simple: If you really feel the desire to talk to someone, and it hurts more not to, then just go for it,” said TYO. “I approach my music career the same way. My gut is telling me to stay independent and I am following that feeling and putting in the work to succeed on my own terms.”

The 22-year-old, who is of German/Asian descent and was raised in Germany, is in fact eschewing the usual record production route in favor of recording, producing, distributing, marketing, and promoting Talk to You on his own. In fact, the video for Talk to You was shot in Alicante, Spain by a crew that worked for free because TYO says they believe in his music and business approach. The video quality, in fact, rivals that of many a high-end production company.

“I was born to make music and I have a vision for how I want that music to be made from start to finish. The person best equipped to manage that process is me,” said TYO. “I think the fans will get a better listening experience when they hear it through the ears of the person who created the music.”

“I don’t know what will happen but I trust my instincts, have a great crew of people supporting me and believe my music will speak for itself without the need to jump through all the music industry hoops,” he added.