Isaiah Steward’s Surprising Slow Jam

Isaiah Steward

Isaiah Steward’s “Down for Me” has a classic R&B vibe, but with a few cool surprises.

The Texas upcoming singer Isaiah sings a smooth serenade to the girl who has his eye. He has a classic delivery that harkens back to some of the great slow jams of the 80’s and 90’s. Isaiah is a skillful singer, but I think where he really wins us over is in his timbre. He has an immediately likable voice.

For example, the main riff of the tune is catchy and it is repeated often in the song. Another singer might not be able to pull it off without losing our interest. But, we like hearing Isaiah sing, “Will you be down for me?” And we want to hear it again.

Where the track gets adventurous is in the production. The beat has some elements of modern R&B and Hip-Hop, but it also gets a little psychedelic. There are a lot of spacey sounds bubbling in the background. Occasional guitar riffs, synth sounds, and piano runs adorn the edges of the song.

And then there are the background vocals. Call and response harmonies answer Isaiah’s questions, and finish his sentences. They fade in and out of the mix at odd times and add to the trippy vibe of the tune. It is a brave technique and it works. It reminds me of some of Prince‚Äôs slower, R&B flavored work.

Isaiah Steward is a talented young singer with a cool new song that takes some chances, successfully.

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