Chri$tian Rocks The Workflow


So, you are twelve minutes late for work. When you get there, your boss confronts you. He starts grilling you for information about your activities the previous evening

Wouldn’t it be great if you were able to then tell him exactly what you thought of him? Or better yet, maybe you could tell him what you really thought about your job.

You don’t do it of course. You need your job.

But if you ever were to do it, you would want it to sound like “Workflow,” the new single from Chri$tian. Over the course of three minutes, over an old School West Coast beat the rapper calls out old bosses, restaurant patrons, and any one else who may represent a hindrance to his chill.

It’s a fun song. The 808 beat is matched with a really catchy analog synth baseline. The whole song has a bit of a 1990’s feel. Chri$tian’s writing and rapping style evoke visions of a young Will Smith, when he was still called the “Fresh Prince.” Or maybe Young MC.

Like the hits of those classic artists, “Workflow,” is a storytelling style rap song. Our host moves from one vignette to the next. Each is tied to the other by one simple concept, work sucks. Or, as the song says, “I hate my job, but I love my money.”

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Here is what Chri$tian says about Chri$tian…

This song is about having a job that you hate but you keep because you need it. It’s a good time classic that people will constantly wanna hear as they go to work. Workflow is 90s style song with west coast beat produced by platinum sellers beats.