It’s National Relaxation Day – I Suggest Purrple Cat

It's National Relaxation Day - I Suggest Purrple Cat 1

According to my friends at NationalToday.com, 8/15/19 is National Relaxation Day.

Today we celebrate… by chillin.

In honor of the most mellowest of all days, may I suggest Purrple Cat‘s album “Just Relax.” Purrple Cat is one of my favorite downtempo, chillout artists. Since I started the Deep Indie Chill playlist on Spotify, this cat has had a presence. You can find Purrple Cat on Instagram, Twitter, and Spotify.

So kick back, relax, enjoy the day… and enjoy the music of Purrple Cat.

National Today’s mission is to give everyone a reason to celebrate every day. Check out NationalToday.com for more.

And why not check out Deep Indie Chill…