Trumun’s SoundCloud Rave

Trumun's SoundCloud Rave 1

The London based DJ and production team known as Trumun has a new SoundCloud page featuring their most recent club mixes.

I sat in a hotel room in Maine as I listened to their most recent upload, “Bubble Time #03”. Small town Maine is about as far as you can get from a UK club, experientially speaking anyway. And it is likely as close as I will get geographically to a Trumun show any time soon. Fortunately, their SoundCloud and a good pair of headphones got me a lot closer.

The mix starts with a classic disco/house groove. The beat moves over the first few minutes of the track over a disco bassline and a sample of “Overtime” by Cash Cash. At around the six minute mark, the mix moves into a more industrial sound. The beat reminded me a bit of Art of Noise with a Nine Inch Nails inspired bass.

The groove gradually morphs back to a techno house beat. Latin percussion flares and a classic 90’s vocal sample work really nicely together.

The sound continues to evolve, running the gamut of EDM grooves. For instance, the duo introduces elements of Drum & Bass and Jungle. They even feature the low rumble of Dubstep bass at one point. Interspersed throughout are Dance and Hip-Hop vocal samples, like Jalib’s “Champion Sound.”

By the end of the one hour and six minute jam, Trumun lands back on funky Disco vocals over a bass-heavy House beat.

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