Garey Godson – Cairo

Garey Godson - Cairo 1

Garey Godson is no stranger to StaticDive.com. The prolific singer and producer has been releasing R&B gems monthly, all summer long. The Nigerian/German artist’s earlier releases include Private Trips and Tha Juice. Like those, Garey’s new single “Cairo” is cool hybrid of Pop, Hip-Hop, and World music.

A stark Trap beat and a very nice acoustic guitar riff are at the heart of the tune. Over that cool rhythm, Garey sings and raps a story about, “that girl from Cairo.” Once again, Mr. Godson tells an international tale of beautiful women in exotic locations.

We can’t all live lives like that of Garey Godson. For the rest of us, we have his songs.

Check out ‘Cairo’, and follow the links below for more from Garey Godson.





Here is what Garey says about Garey…

Garey Godson is a Nigerian born artist and Record producer based in Berlin, Germany. The best way to capture Godsons sound is Afro-Fusion, a blend of Afro-tunes with a mixture of Western influences. The rarity of Garey‘s expressive art is seen in his progressive and versatile nature towards music. This is evident in the vast presentation of cultures represented in his sound and lifestyle.

His upcoming body of work ‘Still I Rise’ which features records like Tha Juice, KoKo & Chosen One is heavily inspired by Maya Angelou as It is soulful, rhythmic and promotes ideas such as resiliency, self-love, strength, and beauty within the black communities in the diaspora and beyond.