The Love Guru Will See You Now

Having problems in your romantic life? Maybe you need a little help talking to girls? You could use some pointers from an expert. The Love Guru is in session. The Icelandic Don Juan will guide you in the ways of love. He is, in his own words, “the beautiful boy who knows the score.”

The Love Guru is the alter-ego of EDM producer and DJ, Doddi. You can read all about and listen to Doddi’s excellent “Last Dance (Wastelands)” here.

Birth of Love Guru

In his day-job, the multifaceted artist is the Program Manager of Iceland’s biggest radio station. Back in 2003, he created the Love Guru character for fun on his friend’s comedy radio show. As the character, he recorded the song “Blossi.” It was supposed to be a one-off, just for fun.

However, the track took off. The song’s popularity provided the Love Guru with unexpected longevity. Over the past sixteen years the fictitious expert in dance and romance has produced two albums and over a dozen singles.

Blossi ’19

“Blossi ’19” is a brand new remix of that original song that got it all started. It is fun, and funny. But despite the tongue-in-cheek comedy of the lyrics, it is also a bangin’ dance tune. The Love Guru knows how to kick out an EDM jam.

Over a fat, wobbly synth bass and club-ready house beat, the Love Guru drops his science. As it should be, the master of romance has a crew of beautiful ladies in his posse. Þóra Sif and Kristín Ýr provide backing vocals and an impressive rap, as the man himself grants us his romantic guidance.

You’ll need to speak Icelandic to gain the full benefit of the Love Guru’s teachings. But it is no matter. This would be a great dance track in any language. I really dig the rave-style snare-roll build up and then bass drop at the one minute mark. There is some cool syncopated percussion throughout the track. And the vocals are excellent, with a great melodic refrain in the chorus.

Blossi´19 is a single from the remix album “Dansaðu meira… fíflið þitt” (Keep on dancing… You fool!). The album comes out later this month, but the single is available now on Spotify! Check it out below.

Listen to The Love Guru, and learn.

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