Chloe Berry’s Dreamy “Everyday”

Chloe Berry

Chloe Berry dropped a surprise in my inbox that shed a little sunshine on an otherwise ordinary day. A lot of music comes my way, but it’s not everyday that I find a tune like her new single, “Everyday.”

The young singer-songwriter and her producer Spoonuel both call NYC home. On “Everyday” they have crafted a perfect little dream-pop gem built on folky vibes, jazzy beats, and Chloe’s smooth and wistful vocals.

The song opens with a mellow acoustic guitar, thumb-strumming over the ambient sounds of a quiet city street in the summertime. A flute floats in and sets cool mood. The sound reminds me a bit of 1970’s style contemporary pop, like some of Harry Nilsson’s quieter stuff.

Berry lists Fiona Apple as an inspiration. I can hear the influence a bit in her voice. But Chloe sets a softer tone to match the mellow mood of the song. Lyrically, this is a very sweet little tune of shoegazer love. I can almost picture the singer sitting on the grass in Central Park, casually strumming and singing the song to her lover.

There is a hint of Radiohead influence in Spoonuel’s production, as each verse builds with the introduction of loose and jazzy drums. The beats fill in the song’s spaces with a little bit of funky chaos. It is a cool effect. Then, each chorus brings the tune back to center when Chloe sings, “Wake up with me in your arms tonight.”

So far, “Everyday” is the only track available on Chloe Berry’s Spotify profile. However, if this catchy little dream sequence is any indication, I’d be willing to bet there are great things to come from this team of bedroom producers.





Here is what Chloe Berry says…

NYC based singer-songwriter who creates dreamy tunes in her bedroom. Drawing from a variety of artists like Angel Olsen, Fiona Apple and Crumb, each song presents a new feeling.