Darshae Kiér “Translation” – Pop With a Reggaeton Vibe

Darshae Kiér

Darshae Kiér is an artist who has turned adversity into positivity. Orphaned at a young age, he spent most of his early life in foster care. Upon reaching adulthood, the Miami based musician and singer was determined to turn that negative energy around. He chose to rise above and spread positive vibes through music. Following […]

Get Yourself Some Spooky Art

Get Yourself Some Spooky Art 1

If you have spent any time on this site, then you are well acquainted with the artwork of my daughter, Lela Smith. She is awesome. Check out her collection of spooky Halloween art. And follow the links below to find more of her work! LelaSmith.com Instagram (@50stressballs) RedBubble Shop

Dar.Ra Creates A New Kinda Normal


New Kinda Normal is the epic new ten song collection from UK artist Dar.Ra. The album is a high-energy journey through Rock & Roll styles of the past, present, and future. Big Arena Rock Sound Big arena rock sounds from the last three decades echo throughout the record. Disparate influences like NIN and Genesis sit […]

JUIC3’s Stark and Powerful “Same”

JUIC3's Stark and Powerful "Same" 2

“Same.” is the latest single from JUIC3. She is an American singer, songwriter and model born in Bayamon, Puerto Rico. The artist honed her skills at a very young age in school musical productions. Those early stage experiences encouraged her to pursue a career in music. She has already experienced significant arly success as a […]

Luclover – “Waste of Time”

Luclover - "Waste of Time" 3

Luclover is a fourteen year-old rapper and musician based in Houston, TX. The Moroccan-American artist has dropped a new track called “Waste of Time.” His sound and technique belie the artist’s young age. His flow and rhyming skills sound like those of a rapper with years of experience. His natural talents for music have only […]

Kathy Ingraham – “Cherish”

Kathy Ingraham

Kathy Ingraham is a singer-songwriter who cut her teeth working on TV and radio commercials. For the last five years she has been releasing a steady stream of solo projects.. Her song “Little Things” was featured in the 2018 Johnny Depp movie, “The Professor.” Her latest release is the jazzy single, “Cherish.” On it she […]

KiNg EmErY – Royalty Fees

KiNg EmErY - Royalty Fees 4

Dallas Texas based rapper KiNg EmErY has been grinding since elementary school. He first picked up the mic when he was in the 3rd grade. Since then he has used music as a way to express himself and deal with obstacles in life. The prolific artist began releasing new music in 2018 and hasn’t looked […]

World Premiere Video – Ambassadors of Morning – “Dance With Destiny”

Ambassadors of Morning

We are proud to announce a worldwide exclusive. StaticDive.com presents the premiere of the Ambassadors of Morning video “Dance With Destiny.” “Dance With Destiny” is a sprawling Alt-Rock anthem. Lyrically the song delivers a message of hope and inclusion. As a result, it will leave you feeling glad to be alive. The band’s music hints […]

Drew Elliott Dreams of Bonfires

Drew Elliott Dreams of Bonfires 5

Drew Elliott released two singles earlier this year. They were precursors to his beautiful new EP, “From Bonfires.” The record drops today. It features more of Mr. Elliott’s signature thoughtful and dreamy songwriting. A great novel will pull you into its story. Likewise, a great record can do the same. I was similarly immersed into […]

Gary Douglas Rises from Deep in the Water

Gary Douglas Rises from Deep in the Water 6

Gary Douglas is fighting the good fight on two fronts. As a trial attorney he opposes corporate corruption on behalf of the rest of us. When not litigating, Gary is the lead vocalist and front man of the Gary Douglas band. Through Douglas’ songs, the Americana rockers give voice to the unheard. Their new single […]