4FLO Music Redirects Anger to Motivate

4FLO Music Redirects Anger to Motivate 1

4FLO MUSIC is the creative name of singer, songwriter and musician Ben Partington. The socially conscious artist hails from Manchester, England. His unique style is inspired by the classic Motown sound, 80’s R&B, and 90’s Hip-Hop. Partington’s latest single “Blinded,” takes a hard look at social and economic inequality in the world. In the song […]

Gliffo is Back With “Island of Tears”

Gliffo is Back With "Island of Tears" 2

“Island Of Tears” is the second song from Germany’s “Gliffo.” You may remember his single “Get the Sun in Your Head,” which appeared here on Staticdive.com back in July. The uniquely entertaining video, directed by Jörg Sieghart, has since gone viral. To date it has over 360,000 views. The video is weird, and fun. The […]

DJ Kaito’s RST Style

DJ Kaito

Simon Bohnsack is better known as Destroyed Jeane “DJ” Kaito, the 22 year-old rapper from Hanover, Germany. He has a sound of his own creation. He calls his free form, stream-of-conscious rap technique “RST.” Kaito played mandolin, harmonica and piano in his youth. He later discovered a number of other interests including cycling, dancing, swimming, […]

Estelle California’s Shining “Star”

Estelle California

“Star” is the new single from the Oakland-based French chanteuse, Estelle California. The track is a Jazz-fueled declaration of self-affirmation. When Estelle sings, “my name is Star, and always has been,” it could be taken literally. ‘Estelle’ loosely translates to ‘Star.’ But there is a deeper meaning here. This is an artist on a mission. […]