Xilax Drops Positive Island Vibes

Xilax is a Montreal based Quebec native who has turned personal loss and adversity into fodder for his creative ambitions. As a mixed race child raised by a single mother, he says he was often, “caught up between both the white and black communities.”

The self-educated renaissance man has risen above this personal struggle to emerge as an independent rapper, singer, composer, cameraman, photographer and a marketing consultant. Despite his past struggles, on his latest single Xilax delivers a message of positivity.

“Real Bad & Nasty” kicks off with a tropical feel, with island percussion playing over a Hip-Hop beat. The simple little vibe riff repeats through most of the song, without ever getting old. It is a perfect hook to set the mood of a party atmosphere. The underlying beat takes a little bit from modern Trap, and a little from old-school 1990’s Hip-Hop.

The beat lays down a perfect funk, while leaving plenty of room for the rapper to get the party started. In his vocal technique Xilax shows off his multi-cultural background. He flows smoothly back and forth between English and French throughout the song. It is a cool effect that keeps the listener’s attention.

Lyrically, the rapper is having fun. Although the song’s cat calls and party shout-outs are sometimes NSFW, it is all in the name of a good time. The attitude behind the track is best summed up by the artist himself. As the music fades out he says, “Life can be hard, or it can be awesome. Sometimes you have to make choices. But, positivity will bring positivity.”

Check out “Real Bad & Nasty” and follow the links below to connect with Xilax.





You can also hear Xilax on the Deep Indie Dive