Oh Well’s Hypnotic Insomnia

Oh Well

Chicago based “Oh Well” is a one-piece progressive EDM artist and producer, otherwise known as Ryan Oswald. “Insomnia” is the new single and video from the producer’s debut record “Forging a False Reality.” The record deals in hard-hitting drum & bass beats with orchestral swells. Oh Well’s style creates cool and cinematic sounding grooves.

“Insomnia” applies that style to a hypnotic beat with a memorable hook. The track uses both repetition and variation effectively to create a trippy vibe. The song’s cyclical lyrics and bassline build exactly the right mood to capture the frustration and anxiety of struggling to sleep at night.

The tune has a solid pop hook. When the round-robin verse lands back on the chorus of a harmonized “insomnia…”, it creates a memorable refrain that would work as well on radio as on the dance floor.

The video uses some slick production techniques to cut between scenes of both the causes and repercussions of sleep deprivation. There are some beautiful shots of starry nights and the city skyline. And neat little video effect tweaks do a great job of relating the anxiety of the video’s subjects.

The track is peppered throughout with random keyboard and percussion riffs. The technique works to continually pull the listeners attention further into the song. The production quality on the track is excellent and I particularly liked the choice of sounds. Analog synths give the song’s beat a cool retro counterpoint to the modern house and hip-hop drum sounds.

Check out the video for “Insomnia” and follow the links below to connect with Oh Well.