Cafrii’s Uplifting “Sunrise”


Cafrii is an exciting new DJ and Producer from Seoul, South Korea. His latest single “Sunrise” is a high-energy EDM track that builds from a whisper to a scream.

From the first few piano chords the tune feels like a sad torch song. However, about thirty seconds in, the beat begins to come together. Pop elements and plucky keyboards work their way into the mix. The groove continues to build further as EDM drums enter the landscape. 

Finally, just before the one minute mark, the song explodes with an expansive and atmospheric sound. Vintage synths and a pounding House kick drum fill the audible sky with a massive reverb. 

Versatile Vocals

Paula Mendes collaborated with Cafrii on “Sunrise”. Her superb vocal performance perfectly transitions styles along with the beat. She moves effortlessly from a piano ballad to the dance floor. Along the way she drops clever lyrical moods which are integral to the emotional build-up of the song.

From Ballad to Dancefloor

Over a period of four minutes, “Sunrise” shifts styles and moods multiple times. Thanks to Cafrii’s expert production, the track moves smoothly through these transitions. The same simple four-chord piano change that got everything started flows through most of the tune. It is an effective technique that helps tie the song together from beginning to end.

We hardly notice the beat has changed. And then suddenly we are wearing glow-in-the-dark jewellery and bouncing around a dance floor with a few hundred of our closest friends. An infectiously uplifting and rave-ready keyboard riff is central to the groove. Finally, with one minute to spare, the whole song jumps up a step. The key change servers only to intensify the party atmosphere.

Cafrii’s music is released on the artist’s own “lemon Records” and distributed by Universal Music Group. He describes his sound simply as, “life, philosophy, love.” 

Listen to “Sunrise” here, and follow the links below to connect with Cafrii. 





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