World Premiere Video – Ambassadors of Morning – “Dance With Destiny”

We are proud to announce a worldwide exclusive. StaticDive.com presents the premiere of the Ambassadors of Morning video “Dance With Destiny.”

“Dance With Destiny” is a sprawling Alt-Rock anthem. Lyrically the song delivers a message of hope and inclusion. As a result, it will leave you feeling glad to be alive. The band’s music hints at masters of the genre like U2 and Coldplay. Ultimately though, they create a sound all their own. Staccato percussion and guitar are countered by ambient organ and piano parts. An excellent lead vocal successfully carries the song’s powerful lyrical message.`

Ambassadors of Morning are a family of musicians, on a mission to bring a little more love and to the world. They travel the globe, spreading positive vibes and music. In their words they are, “composers, writers, idea-igniters and storytellers, all of different paths, roots, experience and voices but of a common desire to connect the world through music.”

The patriarch of this group is the man they call Mussa. The multi-instrumentalist is the primary songwriter, composer, and philosophical leader of the band. The DC native has seen some things. First of all, in his youth he traveled to Lebanon and Columbia to visit family. Later as an adult, he has crisscrossed the planet, exploring cultures, making movies and music.

“Dance With Destiny” has enjoyed international success at radio and in film. The song reached #1 on the UK Indie Charts, and #2 on the Australian Indie Charts. The track has also been nominated for a “Hollywood Music in Media Award” in the Alternative category.

Enjoy the video. Then, follow the links below to connect to Ambassadors of Morning. Pick up on their positive vibes.





Dance With Destiny is Featured in the movie, “Turnover”

When café owner Peter, leaves his disgruntled manager Henry, to take care of business, Henry instead hires a crew of misfits, including his replacement. Peter returns to an unrecognizable business but soon learns the value of camaraderie and bonds with the new team. Only through their help is he able to save his business, his life, and find love.

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