JUIC3’s Stark and Powerful “Same”

“Same.” is the latest single from JUIC3. She is an American singer, songwriter and model born in Bayamon, Puerto Rico. The artist honed her skills at a very young age in school musical productions. Those early stage experiences encouraged her to pursue a career in music. She has already experienced significant arly success as a singer/songwriter. Her last single “Take My Love” has almost 50,000 views on YouTube and 25,000 spins on Spotify.

The song is thoughtful and subdued look at success and its effect on the lives of the successful. Or more accurately, it looks at the lack of effect. Fame and fortune bring countless benefits, but they won’t solve your problems. As the song says, “You can have a million people screaming your name, but you’re still the same.”

JUIC3 has an excellent and effortless tone. She alternates between a cool conversational soft spoken delivery and soulful and mellow R&B riffs. JUIC3 clearly has an emotional connection to the lyrics. Her performance is authentic and genuine.

I love the production on the track. It’s minimalist arrangement sets a perfectly stark mood. Piano bass chords play over a lo-fi heartbeat hip-hop beat. Distant samples and a simple high-key piano melody add the only other accompaniment.

The slow and emotional beat matches perfectly with JUIC3’s smooth vocals. The song takes on a hybrid Trip-Hop and Hip-Hop feel. It is a great sound, like Portishead meets J-Lo.

Same is the latest in a series of singles JUIC3 has released in 2019. Follow her on Spotify, YouTube, and Instagram to keep up to date on her future plans and upcoming releases.





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