Jozsef James The Funky Human

Jozsef James The Funky Human 1

Jozsef James is a Los Angeles based singer/songwriter who has enjoyed success on stage and screen across two continents. The rocker has a penchant for what he calls, “really killer, hook driven, guitar laced, sing-along loud-with-the-chorus songs that will make you dance.” His new single fits that description perfectly. At the heart of “I Am […]

Maxime – The Honest Me P1


Maxime Boublil has traveled the world defining and refining his sound. Originally from Paris, the artist comes from musical theater royalty. His father is Alain Boublil, the lyricist and librettist of Les Miserables and Miss Saigon. His mother, Marie Zamora, was the first Cosette in Les Miserables in Paris. After early studies in classical music, […]

The Claytons Revel In Pop Tradition

The Claytons

The Claytons’ new five song record “What Do You see?” could have turned out very differently than it did. The group’s international roster of musicians recorded the EP at locations around the globe. The project could easily have turned into a messy mish-mash of styles and sounds. Instead, what they have produced is a cohesive […]

Cafrii’s Uplifting “Sunrise”


Cafrii is an exciting new DJ and Producer from Seoul, South Korea. His latest single “Sunrise” is a high-energy EDM track that builds from a whisper to a scream. From the first few piano chords the tune feels like a sad torch song. However, about thirty seconds in, the beat begins to come together. Pop […]

Todd Barrow Pleads For One More Chance

Todd Barrows

Todd Barrow is getting a lot of attention. The singer, songwriter, and multi-instrumentalist is winning over fans in his home state of Texas, and across the world of Country music. His music has earned him songwriting and album awards, features in print and online publications, and live performances on television and radio. He has appeared […]

Katrina Stuart – “Blue Roses”

Katrina Stuart

Pop songstress Katrina Stuart introduces her formidable musical talents to the world with the new single “Blue Roses.” The Los Angeles based Canada native has spent her young life creating and performing music. The artist plays a number of instruments including piano and guitar. She has also studied dance from an early age. Her skills […]

For Your Comprehension

The Static Dive

The new single by The Static Dive is available everywhere, today! The new tune is a groovy little piano and acoustic guitar driven Lo-fi number called “For Your Comprehension.” In 2019 I have been focusing on instrumentals. Each month or so I release a new single. With these releases I have been exploring Alternative Electronic […]

Raymond Revel Brings the Sunrise

Raymond Revel Brings the Sunrise 2

Sometimes a tune can sound immediately familiar. It is just so catchy and appealing that the first time we hear it, we swear we have heard it before. We sing along with the melody before it gets to the second chorus. Songs like that are usually called hits. Raymond Revel’s “Sunrise” is one such song. […]

Rodrigo Rocha Stars in “SSW of the Border”

Rodrigo Rocha Stars in "SSW of the Border" 3

Rodrigo Rocha announces a new movie project. The Brazilian actor plays the lead the new feature indie film, “SSW Of The Border”. The film is currently in production. It will release early in 2020. The actor was born and raised in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. When he moved to New York City at the age […]

Oh Well’s Hypnotic Insomnia

Oh Well's Hypnotic Insomnia 4

Chicago based “Oh Well” is a one-piece progressive EDM artist and producer, otherwise known as Ryan Oswald. “Insomnia” is the new single and video from the producer’s debut record “Forging a False Reality.” The record deals in hard-hitting drum & bass beats with orchestral swells. Oh Well’s style creates cool and cinematic sounding grooves. “Insomnia” […]