Mark Henes – Genre Busting In Music City

Nashville, Tennessee is renowned as the Country capital of the world. However, it is really a melting pot of American music. That’s why they call it ‘Music City,’ not ‘Country Music City.’ Country lives comfortably alongside Rock, Pop, Blues and Jazz in its clubs and recording studios.

Mark Henes was born and raised in the musical Bouillabaisse of Nashville. As a result, he channeled those disparate influences into his own original music. In 2018 he found local success with his EP “Transitions.” From there, he was ready to reach a wider audience. Hence the upcoming album “Crystallized Reflections.”

In advance of the full LP, Mark has released two singles. The songs come from opposite ends of the artist’s musical spectrum. They are an exciting introduction of what is to come.

Ghost Train

Ghost Train has a classic Country sound. The singer is pining for a lost love one who has traveled far away. He is calling his friend,”to ride that ghost train back home.” Expert banjo and acoustic guitar picking create a cool Outlaw Country vibe. Steel guitar and fiddle add tasteful flourishes as the familiar thump of a country rhythm section moves the song forward.

Strip me down

Strip Me Down comes from a completely different place, creatively. The strightforward rocking punk rhythm reminds me a bit of the Sex Pistols’ “Pretty Vacant.” Lyrically Mark continues the punk aesthetic with lines like, “let me out, I think I’ve had enough.” He is done with everyone’s BS.  Fun stuff.

Crystallized Reflections

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