Nostromo’s Noir EDM Vibe – “Love Me Tonight”


“Love Me Tonight” is the new single by EDM producer Nostromo. On the track, the artist creates an excellent late night dance groove with his collaborators Alia Strong and Zac Monty. As a result, the song is the perfect soundtrack for two lovers making a dance floor connection at the end of the night. A […]

Andon & Opensoul Groove On The Beaches of Jamaica


From the first note, Andon’s new single “Give it to You” conjures images of tropical sunshine and days at the beach. The Pop artist from Jamaica infuses the track with the beautiful sights and sounds of his home. A smooth Caribbean groove and rolling bass line set the tempo. The song’s video, set on the […]

Lil Dream’s Melting Pot Of Musical Inspiration

Lil Dream's Melting Pot Of Musical Inspiration 1

“Voss” is the new single and video from Washington DC based alternative hip-hop artist, Lil Dream. The song comes from the rapper’s latest project, “SwipeRixh 2.” The seven track collection is firmly rooted in Hip-hop and Trap themes and styles. However, it gets inspiration from a broad range of musical genres. The project chronicles his […]