Andon & Opensoul Groove On The Beaches of Jamaica

From the first note, Andon’s new single “Give it to You” conjures images of tropical sunshine and days at the beach. The Pop artist from Jamaica infuses the track with the beautiful sights and sounds of his home. A smooth Caribbean groove and rolling bass line set the tempo. The song’s video, set on the beaches of Negril, Jamaica, reinforces the island vibe. Visually stunning panoramic shots of paradise are interspersed with images of beautiful women in bikinis, dancing ocean side.

Andon has a relaxed and inviting vocal delivery. His impressive vocal range is on display as he sings of his devotion to his lover. For example, in the outro of the song he hits some stratospheric notes. The singer’s collaborator on “Give it to You” is also his best friend, the singer and rapper Opensoul. I really enjoyed his verse in the early part of the song. The singer drops clever lines like “tik and the tock, all the way to the ground,” as he admires a beautiful young dancer.

Andon was born and raised in Maryland, St. Andrew, Jamaica. He pursued music at a young age with the support and encouragement of his father and four siblings. He earned money singing for vacationers in beautiful Negril on the north coast of Jamaica. Eventually he taught himself to play the guitar and began writing songs. He got his first big break in 2018 on Jamaica’s local Talent Show Digicel Rising Stars. He finished 6th place among hundreds of contestants. The exposure and success he enjoyed further encouraged him to pursue music as a career

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