Lil Dream’s Melting Pot Of Musical Inspiration

“Voss” is the new single and video from Washington DC based alternative hip-hop artist, Lil Dream. The song comes from the rapper’s latest project, “SwipeRixh 2.” The seven track collection is firmly rooted in Hip-hop and Trap themes and styles. However, it gets inspiration from a broad range of musical genres.

The project chronicles his experiences of life in the fast lane. For example, in the video the artist flashes hundred dollar bills as he rides through the city in style. Meanwhile he raps about money, women and drugs. But Lil Dream never takes himself too seriously. For instance, he ends up rolling through a convenience store spending his money on bottled water. All along he drops clever lines like, “My pockets all vegetarian, green.”

The production throughout “SwipeRixh 2” pulls inspiration from decades of music history. Slow trap beats are creatively married to samples and rhythms from multiple genres. Old school synth and bass samples build the foundation of tracks like “Professor” and “Keyshuh.” Jazz and blues riffs pepper many of the songs, like the cool electric piano on “1500 Degreez.”

Lil Dream co-produced three songs on “Swipe Rixh 2” and engineered the project in its entirety. Producers on the project include Good Intent, Pentagrvm, Captain Crunch Beats and Moonman Johnny. Fellow artist Lil Gray makes a guest appearance. 

“Swipe Rixh 2” is available now on all major music platforms including Spotify, Soundcloud and Apple Music. Check out the video for “Voss” on YouTube. And click the links below to connect with Lil Dream. Follow the artist on Instagram and Twitter, and listen to “SwipeRixh 2” on all major streaming services.




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