Nostromo’s Noir EDM Vibe – “Love Me Tonight”

“Love Me Tonight” is the new single by EDM producer Nostromo. On the track, the artist creates an excellent late night dance groove with his collaborators Alia Strong and Zac Monty. As a result, the song is the perfect soundtrack for two lovers making a dance floor connection at the end of the night.

A subterranean bass thump introduces “Love me Tonight.” Nostromo pairs a deep house kick drum and snare with a rumbling synth bass swell. The stark setting of nightfall is set before a single word is spoken.

Alia Strong’s vocal matches the mood with a soulful and subdued delivery. The singer tells the tale of a final farewell rendezvous for a love that has grown cold. She sings softly, almost whispers as she tells her soon-to-be former lover that she will “for tonight, leave the love light on.”

Zac Monty answers her in the song’s bridge, with a similar mellow late night tone. As the two singers trade verses, Nostromo’s noir vibe moves beneath their feet. Occasional classic House music snare rolls and synth jabs add flavor and smooth transitions.

The music on “Love Me Tonight” was composed and produced by NOSTROMO, the Boston area native also known as Jeremiah Martinez. Alia Strong wrote the lyrics. It is the first single from his forthcoming album, “Love Songs to Die 2”. Follow the links below to connect with Nostromo for updates on his current and future projects.