Wardach’s Deep Space Affair – novalike

Wardach's Deep Space Affair - novalike 1

novalike is the new single from electronic music producer, Wardach. The Atlanta-based independent artist combines elements of modern and classic EDM to create a unique cinematic sound. The result is an experimental yet danceable groove.

Celestial Simile

According to Wardach, novalike is a song about a past relationship. He says the romance burned hot early and fizzled soon afterward. As a consequence, the title of the song is a celestial simile of sorts. It compares his incendiary short-lived love affair to a nova. A nova is a star that bursts into existence with a bright light and then fades out just as quickly.

The astral term also works well as a reference to Wardach’s penchant for Science Fiction film soundtracks. As he explains, “his imagination is stoked by the Sci-Fi genre with films, such as Moon and Bladerunner 2049.”

That influence is apparent in the deep-space inspired soundscape of novalike. However, those effects are married to vintage synths and modern percussion which touch on a number of EDM subgenres. I love Wardach’s adventurous production style. On the track he freely melds influences from decades of electronic music. 

For example, at times novalike resembles classic experimental IDM and techno. I hear the influence of 80’s pioneers like Art of Noise and Yello. They contribute to the track’s cinematic feel. However the song owes as much to modern EDM and R&B. This is particularly true during segments featuring guest vocalist Jasmine Watkins. Her expertly subtle performance flows perfectly with the theme and mood of the track.

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