DifferentPersonas – Beautiful Love Song

“Beautiful Love Song” is the wildly creative new single from US Hip-Hop artist, DifferentPersonas. Some really nice nylon-string Spanish guitar sits at the heart of the track. The classical six-string rides along a fat beat with subterranean kick and bass, and Trap hi-hats. I love the juxtaposition of that guitar against the drums, especially at the beginning when the beat first drops. The rewind button got a lot of action on this one. 

The lead rapper has great flow and the song’s production kept plenty of space for him to do his thing. Lyrically the track is as creative as the beat. DifferentPersonas doesn’t rest on cliche lines. For example, lines like “doesn’t anybody live in bliss anymore” let the listener know there is a little something extra going on.

Through much of the song, a female vocalist performs a smooth call and response. It is a neat effect. I also like the occasional delay on the vocal track, and the little “whoop” samples. Nothing is overdone. Nice stuff.

DifferentPersonas will be dropping their album “FantasyLand” on 09-03-2020. Follow the links below for more.