Wil Key Globetrots A Million Miles Away

Wil Key Globetrots A Million Miles Away 1

Wil Key is a Los Angeles-based artist and producer. However, he does not spend much time there. Instead, Key travels the planet making music, armed with his guitar and a healthy dose of wanderlust. “Globetrotter (Side A)” is Key’s aptly titled fourth studio album. He spent four years writing and recording each of the eleven […]

Synes’ Deeply Personal, “The Man I Am”


Synes is the professional name of electronic artist, Andrew Deitch. In his youth, the Philadelphia native studied piano, ballet and musical theater. Ultimately Electronic music was his art form of choice. He was initially inspired by the album “Fat of the Land” from Electronic pioneers, Prodigy. In his teens and twenties he dove further into […]