Wil Key Globetrots A Million Miles Away

Wil Key is a Los Angeles-based artist and producer. However, he does not spend much time there. Instead, Key travels the planet making music, armed with his guitar and a healthy dose of wanderlust.

“Globetrotter (Side A)” is Key’s aptly titled fourth studio album. He spent four years writing and recording each of the eleven songs in a different country. Over forty musicians joined him on the ambitious project. His collaborators’ list of credits reads like a “who’s who” of modern music. They include everyone from Prince to Nelly Furtado.

“A Million Miles Away” is the second song on the record. It is an excellent introduction to the international Wil Key sound. A shuffling beat carries the song forward. In a smooth R&B style, Key sings of his travels from London to Brussels, and beyond. Similarly, a chorus of perfect vocal harmonies backs him up. The sound reminds me of Qunicy Jones’s R&B and Jazz productions from the 70’s and 80’s.  

Musically this is a beautifully layered tune. Flourishes of steel drums and piano play off each other and further the world music vibe. A funky middle-register guitar riffs on slick blues licks. For me, that’s the piece that ties it all together.

Wil Key is not done traveling. He is still on the road, still writing, and still recording. As a result, he will soon release “Globetrotter (Side B).” Similarly featuring songs and musicians from the far reaches of the planet. Follow the links below to keep up with Wil’s current and future projects.





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