Benmozes Summons The Grunge

Benmozes Summons The Grunge 1

Dark and melodic Rock and Roll has been reborn on the streets of Boston, MA. In past decades the city has produced bands as wide ranging as Aerosmith and The Pixies. In 2019, the new group Benmozes is bringing Seattle to Beantown. The four-piece rock ensemble takes its cue from some of the best Rock of the 1990’s. However, they bring their own modern twist to that classic sound.

Benmozes are Mike Burke, Neil O’Connor, Amit Serper and Amit Ben-Moshe. They are brand new to the scene with the release of the cryptically titled single, “Summon You.” With the song, the fresh young group introduces a sound they describe as, “mood-altering tunes with roaring guitars and punchy beat.”

It is a fitting assessment. “Summon You” conjures the ghosts of metal-tinged grunge bands like Alice in Chains and Stone Temple Pilots. A slow-churning and heavy rhythm pulls the listener into the crunch of two distorted guitars, hard-panned left and right. Meanwhile a rock-solid bass and drums hold the bottom. The vocals build from an early mood to an excellent rock wail later in the track.

I love the unadorned roomy and raw vibe of the song. It feels like we are there with the band, watching as they plug into their amps and rock. It is an excellent recording, but it is not bogged down by effects. As a result, we hear everything. For instance, there is some really nice drumming here. The production leaves room for it to breathe.

Benmozes promises, “a long list of solid tunes” on the way. If “Summon You” is indicative of the future, then there is a lot to look forward to. Follow the links below to connect with the band and to keep in the loop on their future releases.





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