Chris Capaldi Follows The Thin White Line

“Thin White Line” is the lead off single from Chris Capaldi’s new EP, “Frequency.” With the track, the guitar slinging singer/songwriter delivers a classic Americana road song. He sings of the adventure and uncertainty of hitting the open road. The “Thin White Line” of the song’s title refers to the lane markers on the highways of America. The singer and his companion romantically disappear down the horizon as they, “leave it all behind.”

The first notes of the song come courtesy of Capaldi’s wailing Stratocaster. Eric Clapton inspired blues riffs rip into the silence and start our journey. Capaldi is a graduate of Boston’s prestigious Berklee College of music. However, the soul he pours into those blues licks was not learned in a classroom. With each deep bend we can feel the lessons the artist has learned out on that road. 

Capaldi’s vocals are similarly authentic. He has lived the stories he is telling. The singer is backed by a stellar band. Most of the performance was recorded live in the studio. As a result, the band crackles with energy. The small ensemble of bass, drums and Hammond organ create a big sound. Backing vocalist and fellow Berklee alum, Catie Flynn is similarly phenomenal. 

However, in the end Capaldi’s guitar is the star of the show. To that point, the song closes with an extended solo that pops with energy. For over a minute, Chris rips into his guitar with a confidence and emotion that will give you goosebumps.

“Frequency is available on all major streaming services. Listen to “Thin White Line” here. And follow the links below to connect with Chris and keep up to date on his current and future projects.





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