NØBLE – In My Zone

NØBLE - In My Zone 1

NØBLE is the professional name of the singer/songwriter, multi-instrumentalist, and producer who is otherwise known as Ethan Keller. The artist has been writing and producing his own original music for seven years. He started in high school when he was just sixteen years old in his hometown of Baton Rouge, Louisiana.

Keller’s style is wildly creative. He mixes genres up like a beat infused gumbo. His Soundcloud profile page features a wide mix of styles that range from broad cinematic soundscapes to tiny atmospheric vignettes. I got a little lost for awhile in his creative world.

His latest single is the aptly titled “In My Zone.” Judging by the artist’s work, he spends quite a bit of time in that zone. I don’t blame him. 

The track features a lo-fi beat that alternates between acoustic and electronic samples. It is a cool vibe. A deep droning bass fills out the low end. I really like the flourishes of retro 80s-style vaporwave synths throughout the tune.

Vocally NØBLE shifts between lo-fi pop melodies and slacker Hip-hop. It is a cool technique. His sound reminds me a bit of Foster the People, but more in attitude than actual sound. By that I mean, the artists are similar to one another mainly in the fact that they are dissimilar from others. And like Foster, Keller is fast and loose with his creative genre-bending. There are also some really witty lyrics here. I love it

Check out “In My Zone” here. Follow the links below to connect with NØBLE and keep up with his current and future projects.





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