The Groove Project – Ocean Of Air

The Groove Project - Ocean Of Air 1

“Ocean of Air” is the fourth installment from The Groove Project. Grammy Award nominated Arun Shenoy and acclaimed producer Matthew Shell jointly front the aptly named group. They are releasing a new single each month. The collection will eventually culminate in a complete Smooth Jazz / Contemporary Jazz concept album about man’s fascination with flight.

I’ve had the distinct pleasure of featuring these funky tunes at StaticDive.com each month upon their release. With every composition, the project’s themes are both reaffirmed and expanded. Previous tracks included Pilot, First Flight and To Be a Bird

Like the earlier songs, “Ocean Of Air” is built on a solid foundation of funk. However, this track also picks up the tempo. As a result, the new track finds the band stepping out of the Smooth Jazz arena and a little further into the world of Jazz Fusion.

We have come to expect stellar musicianship from Shenoy and company. They have not disappointed on the new single. “Ocean Of Air” opens with a funky electric piano. The song quickly breaks into a horn run which functions as the melodic refrain.

The sax, keys, and guitar trade off solos throughout the piece. Furthermore the uptempo rhythm track is raw and funky. The artwork for the single is a photograph of Ireland’s Cliffs of Dover. It is an homage to fusion guitar pioneer Eric Johnson who had a hit instrumental of the same name in 1990. Johnson’s influence is also felt in the performance as well, particularly in Shenoy’s Stratocaster acrobatics during the final solo segment.

The Groove Project have more songs to come. Follow the links below to connect with the group. Keep up with their current and future projects.


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