Kröm Drops Some Lofi Studio Beats

Kröm is a Swedish DJ and music producer. The artist’s output has run the gamut of electronic music. His “Swedish Revolution & Loudworship” SoundCloud page features everything from From Dubstep to Hip-Hop remixes and Christmas music.

The artist’s latest releases are two Lo-fi chillhop tracks. Kröm refers to the tunes as “Lofi Studio Music.” The name makes sense. The tracks feature some really top-notch production quality.

“Osaka” is a nice Chillhop beat featuring a really beautiful piano over a mellow Hip-hop rhythm.

“Long Fade” is a little more spacey, with reverb synth keys over a simple beat.

Follow the links below to connect with Kröm and keep up with his current and future projects.




Hear Kröm on the Deep Indie Chill playlist