The Trippy Trap Of “Solar Moon 1.5”

“Solar Moon 1.5” is the lastest single from a Hip-Hop artist who goes by many names. Call him ‘Royal’, ‘NBA Royal’, or ‘WhyDairy’. Whichever he chooses, his beats by any other name would be as funky.

The prolific and enigmatic artist has released a steady stream of songs over the past few years. He is a beat maker and producer who has worked in multiple genres. His Spotify profile features Hip-Hop, Emo Rock, and even acoustic guitar music. Hailing from Chicago, Royal is a multi-faceted entertainer. He has been singing, dancing, and making his own original music since grammar school.

His new track “Solar Moon 1.5” is some trippy Hip-Hop. The tune is built on a downtempo Trap beat. The ethereal backing music sounds like a distant music box. It is a cool effect. During the chorus, reverberated horns and keys join the mix to add to the song’s spacey vibe.

The vocals contribute to the dreamy feel of the song as well. There are at least two overlapping vocal tracks, each with a subtle delay effect. The back-and-forth of it really pulls you in. That is especially true in the catchy “I don’t think you understand…” chorus. Lyrically the tune covers some familiar Hip-Hop ground, but in a clever way. As Royal brags about taking your girl, he also throws in some spaceship and solar moon references (hence the title).

The single is from an upcoming mixtape. A video for “Solar Moon 1.5” is also in the works and will be released in a of couple weeks. Follow the links below to connect with the artist.




Listen to Solar Moon 1.5 on the Deep Indie Beat playlist