Adam Mishan’s “30 Days to a Better Voice”

Adam Mishan's "30 Days to a Better Voice" 1

Adam Mishan

Adam Mishan is a singer, songwriter, YouTuber and vocal coach. A few years ago, none of those things were true. How he got here is an inspiring story. However, he is not content in simply sharing the tale. Adam has turned his story of personal growth into opportunity for the rest of us.

Through his enterprise “AM Vocal Studios,” Adam has released a new singing instructional video entitled “30 Days to a Better Voice.” With the program he combines ten years of hard-learned lessons into a fun and informative thirty day course. 

When he started, he couldn’t carry a tune. Now Adam is a master singer. He documented his long journey in a YouTube transformation video. To date, it has received over three million views.

Check it out…

Adam asked me to give his course a try. It is segmented into six 5-day blocks. So far, I’m on Days 1-4. I already like his approach. The exercises focus on the whole body. He is very in tune with the physicality of singing. I’ve been singing on stage for over twenty years and I can tell you, it is a very physical activity.

Adam’s understanding and explanation of posture, breath control and body movement have already helped. He is both knowledgeable and likable, and those are traits you just can’t fake. The fact that he candidly shares his own struggles with singing ads credence to his technique. I am looking forward to Monday, when I am able to start my second block of lessons.

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