OneUp Duo’s Beautiful Holiday Lament

It has been a cold and snowy November so far, here in New York. Winter arrived two or three weeks earlier than is customary. Normally I would be complaining about that. However, along with the snow came some really great Christmas songs in my inbox. The music and the weather together have put me in the Holiday spirit.

Like any musical style, Christmas music is comprised of myriad sub-genres. They include traditional carols, contemporary Pop, happy love songs, and longing laments. OneUp Duo’s “Let Me Come Home” lands firmly in the latter category. It is a beautifully sad holiday love song in the tradition of “Blue Christmas” and “I’ll Be Home For Christmas”.

OneUp Duo

OneUp Duo is comprised of married NYC couple Adam and Jerome Bell-Bastien. The pair recently appeared on Season 15 of ‘The Voice’ as the show’s first ever same-sex duo. They originally started their real-life relationship after being cast as love interests in a music video. Now they are partners in both life and music.

Although “Let Me Come Home” is a new song, it stays true to the genre’s traditions. The track starts as a simple piano ballad. Soon an orchestral bed of strings fades in and sets a holiday scene. However, the real story here are the vocals. Adam and Jerome trade verses, each longing to come home for the holidays. 

By the last verse, they are singing together. Each has a distinctive timbre and style, but they mesh perfectly. The backing instrumentation has grown to cinematic proportions. The effect is powerful and emotional. It is a beautiful song.

Listen to “Let Me Come Home” on YouTube and Spotify, and follow the links below to connect with OneUp.