South For Winter’s Americana Zen – “All We Have”

South for Winter’s music is as cool and eclectic as their origins. The band formed when a Coloradoan and a New Zealander met in South America and started writing songs. After returning to their respective homes they continued their collaboration, despite an ocean between them. Two years ago they each moved to Nashville, met a cellist, and a band was born.

That band consists of Nick Stone (vocals, guitar), Dani Cichon (vocals, mandolin), and Alex Stradal (cello, guitar). They are probably best classified as Americana. However under that umbrella they blend folk, blues, classical, and rock into a unique and beautiful sound.

The group’s new song is “All We Have.” The track is the third single from their forthcoming debut album. It also accounts for the best four minutes and thirty seconds of my day so far today.

A Slow Burn

“All We Have” is a slow burn. The song starts with the ambient hum of a cello and the rolling rhythm of a bluesy, Allman Brothers-style acoustic guitar riff. Lead vocalist Dani Cichon joins the ensemble with a quiet confidence. That voice grabbed my attention immediately and never let it go. Her unique sound lands somewhere between Joni Mitchell and Brandi Carlile. And yes, I am aware how dramatically different these two singers are. As I said, Dani’s voice is unique.

As the song progresses, drums, bass, mandolin, and violin enter the mix. The track rolls forward, riding on that guitar riff. At the three minute mark, the tune drops to a minor-key bridge. The percussive section felt a little like Peter Gabriel, as if he were back by a rootsy Americana band. 

Rootsy Philosophy

Lyrically “All We Have” is poetic and philosophical. I felt an immediate and deep connection to lines like, “all we have are grains of sand, falling through these open hands.” That is not a nihilistic sentiment. It’s just the opposite actually. The Zen of the tune is summed up perfectly in the last line, “this is all we’ll have and its enough for us.”

Look for South for Winter on tour throughout the US and Canada. And follow the links below to connect with them. Stay in the loop on their current and future releases.







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