Alex Ga – ULoveMe2

I’ve been lucky to follow Alex Ga’s creative adventures this year. He is the Cyprus-based singer and songwriter who recently rediscovered his musical roots. As a result, Alex released three singles in 2019. 

July saw  the modern rock ballad, “Find You.” It is a partly acoustic 90’s Rock style love song. In September he got experimental on “Sinner,” adding elements of Hip-hop. With this month’s “ULoveme2” Alex has once again changed gears. 

Whereas his previous work was mostly guitar based, “ULoveme2” is almost completely electronic. It is a fun twist. All of this song-to-song experimentation is intentional. Alex says, “I keep experimenting and finding the style and mood which suits me most.”

The track has a nice modern electronic beat. Vaporwave elements and 80’s Pop synths fill out the sound. A little bit of guitar sneaks its way in once or twice. The rest of the space is left for Alex’s laid back vocal track. At its heart, this is a catchy Pop song. His cool delivery is the perfect vehicle for the song’s many hooks.

Lyrically the song is about trying to rekindle a flame. The singer calls a recent ex and attempts to convince her to give it another go. He thinks they can make it work because, “I’m in love with you, and you love me too.” 

Throughout the song there are neat turns of phrase. Especially when Alex simulates a phone conversation. The track knows just when to shift from heady subject matter, to “do-do-do’s,” and then back again. The end result is a thoughtful, yet catchy Pop song.

“ULoveme2” is available on all major streaming services. Listen to the song here and follow the links below to connect with Alex.






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