The Keymakers Escape To “California In The Sun”

The Keymakers Escape To "California In The Sun" 1

I’m from New York, but I love Southern California. There is just something about being in proximity to the world’s most massive body of water. Its gravity centers the mind. I feel like I have lost ten pounds of stress when I step off a plane in LAX. 

For example, I’ve mentioned before a trip I took up the Pacific Coast Highway. I drove a rented convertible from Los Angeles to San Francisco. With the wind in my hair and that gigantic blue expanse over my shoulder, all of my worldly concerns washed away. The Keymakers’ new single “California in the Sun” sounds like it was written in the backseat of that convertible.

The Keymakers are a duo of talented brothers, Rome Alexander and Rederic. In confirmation my interpretation, Rederic says, “This song is about driving away from those things with the person that matters more than all of it.”

The track’s opening ambient keys and mellow R&B vocal into ease into a downtempo groove. As EDM elements work their way into the verse, a chill Deep House beat emerges. The swell of a synth bass and subtle key flourishes set the scene. 

I really dig the way strings are used to play the backbeat chord progression. The saxophone is a really nice touch as well. All the while, in a cool mellow tone the singer fantasizes about riding with his baby in the “California in the Sun.” Like that ride, the song is a beautiful escape.

This is the third song from the Keymakers’ upcoming debut EP, “Spectra”, which will be released on December 4th, 2019. It is available on all major streaming services. Follow this links below to connect with the artists and listen to “California in the Sun on the Deep Indie Chill playlist.