Jxckson’s Fun And Infectious “Icarus”

In Greek mythology, Icarus flew too close to the sun. His waxed wings melted and he fell into the sea, to his death. As is the case with most Greek myths, it is a tale warning against pride and hubris.

Jxckson is an Austin, TX based singer and songwriter. In his hands, “Icarus” is a clever and catchy pop song about the end of a relationship. It is funnier than any Greek myth. And it is a lot more fun than a break-up song should be.

The tune is built on a simple but really creative instrumental track. Jxckson marries a hip-hop beat with an acoustic guitar playing a reggae-inspired backbeat chord progression. A low synth bass fills out the bottom. It is a clean, quirky, and funky sound.

Jxckson’s vocals match the sarcastic and smirky attitude of the lyrics. He sings, “Like Icarus I’m falling down, how could our love backfire?” The song reads like a response to a ‘Dear John’ letter, sung to the tune of an infectiously catchy chorus.

The video for “Icarus” is fun and genuine. You can feel the burn as the opening screen captions spell out a personal message to the ex-boyfriend in question. Throughout the video he dances with two friends as they all pick through the ex’s things. This leads to the song’s best line. “I’m so over you, but I’m keeping all your clothes.”

“Icarus” is available on all major streaming services. Check it out. And follow the links below to connect with the artist. Stay in the know on all of his current and future projects.





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