Wembi – “Heartbeat of My Life”


Wembi (pronounced Whem-bee) is a singer, songwriter and producer from California. He specializes in earnest piano-based Soul, R&B, and Pop music. The talented artist taught himself to play piano as a teen. As a result, he has been writing and performing his own original music for over 20 years. In that time he has recorded over thirty songs and produced three EPs.

“Heartbeat of My Life” is his latest single. The track is a heartfelt love song, a declaration of devotion. In it he places his loved one literally at the heart of his own existence. It is a beautiful sentiment. In his hands the message is delivered powerfully, and sincerely.

The first minute of the song features Wembi alone with his piano. His voice is powerful, but soft spoken. He waits until later in the track before he really belts it out. Snare drum paradiddles and a bass guitar enter the mix. Eventually the drums move to a tom-heavy beat. It is a big part of the song’s dramatic build.

However, at the heart of the song is that piano. It rhythmically and cyclically churns through the song’s chord progression. When paired with Wembi’s talented and sincere vocals, it is cinematic. 

The emotion in “Heartbeat of My Life” is raw and dramatic. It feels like the score from a Hollywood blockbuster’s emotional climax. Imagine Hugh Grant (circa 1998) running through an airport to rendezvous with Andie MacDowell. They embrace in the third verse just as Wembi kicks it up an octave. 

“Heartbeat of My Life”  is available now on Spotify. Follow the links below to connect with Wembi and stay in the loop on his current and future releases.