The Unique Talents Of Ateo Feo

Ateo Feo is a unique talent. The Miami-based artist applies his unorthodox creative approach to multiple forms of media. For example, he raps, sings, plays a number of instruments and even animates his own videos. He claims to be “about” 80,000 years-old. I suppose once your age can be measured in the tens of thousands, specific increments become less important. 

Feo refers to his music as, “Rap Rock Electronic Jazz Funk Fusion.” He says it is a reflection of his life. However it is not all biographical. Ateo says he also sees himself as much fiction writer as singer/songwriter. Accordingly, he lists influences as widely diverse as Johnny Cash, Snoop Dogg and Stephen King. As a result, his YouTube channel includes videos about religion, politics, and some NSFW storytelling.

Ateo Feo’s Latest

“Occupy” is Ateo Feo’s  latest music video. It is an over-the-top fantasy in which he combines social commentary, comedy, and the undead. In doing so, he turns the “Occupy Wall Street” movement into a bizarre animated short horror film about zombies attacking the White House. The avant-garde soundtrack mixes electronic instrumentation with Feo’s guitar. At times he sounds a bit like “They Might be Giants,” but darker. Meanwhile he encourages the 99% (and the zombies) to “occupy the world.” 

He explains that his message is ultimately intended to be motivational.  In Ateo’s words, “Occupy your mind and open it up to knowledge. Become part of the system in order to beat it because doing it from the bottom doesn’t seem to get you very far.”

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