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Jesse Neo is a songwriter, DJ, and producer who has been making music for most of his life. The twenty-year-old British-Australian studied voice, violin and piano as a child. He soon began composing his own original music. By the time he was eighteen, he had over one hundred songs under his belt. Now, Jesse has brought his Pop and Dance beats to the market. The young entrepreneur has launched Gemtracks.com, and he wants to help you make a hit record.


Gemtracks is an online store that sells beats. Requests from labels, artists and YouTube channels inspired Jesse to start the site. After hearing his music, they wanted some beats of their own. Neo says, “I would be in the studio casually chatting with the producers and artists about Gemtracks, and they would agree that it was a clever way to make some extra money.”

Once the impressive young artist and businessman launched the site, it took off quickly. Jesse says, “When I realized Gemtracks was actually generating sales, I called all my producer friends and we started mass producing beats for the website together. We are close to having 1000 beats available at this very moment.”

I checked out the site and was impressed. It’s easy to navigate, with beats sorted by genre. Each track includes full technical details including BPM and Key. You can listen to high quality samples before buying. Prices range up to $600.

Whether you are a singer, rapper, or content producer, you need music. Head over to Gemtracks now to buy backing tracks for your next project!


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