Edora’s Retro-Cool New Video – “Wish You Could Stay”


Edora is independent musical trio from Stockholm, Sweden. They made a splash earlier this year with the debut of their Electronic Pop EP, “Solution.” The record received strong support at radio stations across Europe. Likewise, the band’s mix of soulful vocals and modern Pop production garnered positive reviews in print and online. Four hundred thousand […]

S.Karma’s Classic Indie-Pop Sound


S.Karma is a multi-instrumentalist, singer, songwriter and producer from Queens, NY. The artist specializes in infectiously catchy Indie-Pop. He writes, produces and mixed his records in what he describes as, “my tiny hard-earned studio.”  “Phantom Love” is the artist’s brand new single. The track combines a classic Pop song structure with Alternative sensibilities. To that […]

backinhumanform Release The New Single “Shadows”


backinhumanform is the professional name of Joe Clarke. He is an independent UK musician. Though originally from the West of Ireland, Joe is now a London based singer/songwriter. However, London was not his first stop in Britain.  He first made a name for himself in Manchester. For over three years he was the lead singer […]