backinhumanform Release The New Single “Shadows”

backinhumanform Release The New Single "Shadows" 1

backinhumanform is the professional name of Joe Clarke. He is an independent UK musician. Though originally from the West of Ireland, Joe is now a London based singer/songwriter. However, London was not his first stop in Britain. 

He first made a name for himself in Manchester. For over three years he was the lead singer in the band Adventures of Salvador. However, these days Joe is flying solo. This time he is armed with an excellent collection of songs from his new album. 

“Shadows” is the new single from backinhumanform’s self-titled debut record. The song has one foot in the present and the other in history. Clarke’s roots inform every note of the song. The influence of traditional Irish music is front and center throughout. But that is not the whole story. “Shadows” is equally rooted in the traditions of modern Alternative Rock.

For example, the song’s traditional rolling 6/8 beat sounds like it should be echoing in the hills of Mayo.  However, played by a rock band with a full drum kit and electric guitar the sound is probably closer to Echo and the Bunnymen than The Chieftans.

Similarly, Joe’s vocal is melodically rooted in tradition. However, his vocal technique is much more modern. Stylistically he lands somewhere between the present day and mid-eighties, Alternative Pop and Rock. That is no surprise, considering Clarke’s list of key influences include Mazzy Star, Cocteau Twins, John Cale and James.

backinhumanform’s debut album was released on September 1, 2019. The record was produced by Dean Glover at VIBE Studios in Manchester. All of the songs were written by Joe Clarke. Follow the links below to connect with bankinhumanform to stay in the know on their current and future projects.





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