Edora’s Retro-Cool New Video – “Wish You Could Stay”

Edora is independent musical trio from Stockholm, Sweden. They made a splash earlier this year with the debut of their Electronic Pop EP, “Solution.” The record received strong support at radio stations across Europe. Likewise, the band’s mix of soulful vocals and modern Pop production garnered positive reviews in print and online. Four hundred thousand spins later, the group is back with a brand new song and a brand new sound.

“Wish You Could Stay” was released to all major streaming services on November 7, 2019. The track combines a retro Jazz-Pop sound with elements of electronic music and Trip-Hop. The end result is a very cool tune that lands stylistically somewhere between Portishead and Nancy Sinatra. The song’s jazzy instrumental track sets a hip and smokey backdrop for a classic and sultry lead vocal. The production is stellar throughout. To ensure quality, the group went all the way to London to master the final version at Spotify’s “Secret Genius” studio in Metropolis, London.

Continuing to ride the momentum of their success so far, the group just released a cool and clever video that matches the hip astheatic of the audio track. The threesome is set in the black and white scene of an old speakeasy bar. They are adorned in period clothing that is one part ragtime and one part beatnik. The band is further accessorized with classic musical gear, including an upright bass, a hollow body Jazz guitar and a vintage 1940’s style microphone. It is the perfect look for the song’s lounge-ready groove.

Check out the video for “Wish You Could Stay,” and follow the links below to connect with Edora. Stay in the loop on all of their current and future projects.




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