S.Karma’s Classic Indie-Pop Sound

S.Karma is a multi-instrumentalist, singer, songwriter and producer from Queens, NY. The artist specializes in infectiously catchy Indie-Pop. He writes, produces and mixed his records in what he describes as, “my tiny hard-earned studio.” 

“Phantom Love” is the artist’s brand new single. The track combines a classic Pop song structure with Alternative sensibilities. To that end, S.Karma marries a bouncy Bubble-gum, hooky-heavy melody to an Indie-friendly, Lo-fi bedroom producer vibe. 

I really enjoyed the conversational storytelling style of the lyrics. For example, the subject of the song is rooted in the oldest Pop music traditions. It is just a guy singing about a girl. Although he doesn’t really understand her, he wants to. The song is made even more relatable by S.Karma’s friendly and familiar delivery. As a result, he comes across like a modern-day Jonathan Richman.

Musically the track is as simple and magnetic as the lyrics and melody. There is a lot of 1980’s Alt-Pop in the groove. For example, the upbeat rhythm and S.Karma’s tasty guitar playing reminded me a bit of Paul Weller‘s early work with The Jam. 

S.Karma’s philosophy and approach to music creation is as appealingly sincere as is his sound. He explains, “I absolutely enjoy all stages of music production. My goal with writing music is to form a genuine relationship with my listeners and to achieve that I will do my best to stay true to the type of music I write.”

What more can a fan ask? Check out “Phantom Love,” and follow the links below to connect with S.Karma. Stay in the know on all of his current and future releases.





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