SEMU Debuts The High-Drama Video “Strangers”

“Strangers” is the new song and video from R&B artist, SEMU. Directed by JAZ & Panoramic Films, the short film packs all of the drama of a murder mystery into four minutes. It is the story of a relationship in the midst of an epic fail. To that end, the video includes all of the elements of an episode of Law and Order, including adultery and even murder.  

The artist explains that the video and song are stories of, “intimate spirits who wrestle with personal vices. The lack of trust & respect creating strangers of a promising love.”

Ominous Scenes

The video opens with a scene that appears at first to be simple enough, as a couple sits down for a meal together. However, the Stephen King inspired horror music in the background belies that vibe. As the dissonant strings grow louder, the woman in the scene throws her drink at SEMU. From there, it is clear the two are having issues.

The story unfolds, and the relationship deteriorates. There are some interesting twists. For instance, since a male singer is telling the story, we assume that he is the victim. However, it turns out that he is an adulterer. Not to be outdone, his scorned companion takes revenge in the most violent of ways. There are no good guys here.

Broadway Talent

Pacing and cinematography is top-notch throughout. The video catches the viewer’s attention and keeps it. I particularly the inclusion of Broadway performer, Shoko Tamai. She provides an interpretive dance which functions much like the chorus in a Greek tragedy.

The soundtrack to this mini-movie of course is SEMU’s song, “Stranger.” It is an excellently produced R&B track built on a simple but effective Trap-inspired beat. I like the effect of the clavichord-style keys in the background. It adds to the song’s ominous storyline. SEMU flows skillfully back and forth between verse that are alternately sung and rapped.

Raised in Africa, SEMU’s music has brought him all the way to the USA. He has been featured on BET and Music Choice. He has travelled the globe to collaborate with talented artists. In his words, “SEMU considers himself to be a citizen of the world. Throughout his tumultuous life struggle; music was the primary inspiration that kept his head up and his heart beating.”

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