Venchi Hef Brings The Dirty Funk

Venchi Hef Brings The Dirty Funk 1

New York City rapper Venchi Hef dropped a new five song EP titled “Preseason.” With the release of the record he introduces a unique and funky new sound. Hef combines elements of various EDM production techniques with his modern rap style. As a result, his wild new vibe has already garnered him huge numbers online, and he shows no signs of slowing down.

The Preseason EP features five quick and dirty tracks. Each song clocks in at just under two minutes. As a result they function as five pieces of one whole. In terms of both audio production and lyrical content they follow a single cohesive theme.

Each track features a Trap beat married to fat, dirty subterranean synth bass. The low and gritty tones remind me of those from some of the best Jungle and Dancehall beats from the 1990’s. The kick drum samples on the EP are similarly low and funky. They drop down to Breakbeat Hardcore and Drum & Bass levels. It is a cool effect which gives the otherwise very modern record a touch of old-school.

Lyrically, each track works as a vignette of life in Venchi’s world. He covers some standard Hip-Hop fare with tales of money, women and drugs. Where his style stands out is in his eccentric and creative lyricism. For example, he easily mixes references that otherwise seem completely disparate, like side-by-side shout-outs to Michael Jackson and Mona Lisa.

Preseason has already reached over 20,000 spins per track on SoundCloud. Now the record is available on all major streaming services, and Venchi Hef says he is just getting started. Follow the links below to connect with the artist and stay in the loop on his current and future projects.







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