Dan Miftari’s Uplifting Pop Funk

Dan Miftari has a knack for writing hooks. The Chicago-based, Albanian-born musician works in multiple genres and with a wide variety of collaborators. The one common denominator in all of his music is his innate ability to write catchy melodies. Wherever your tastes lean, Dan has some music that is sure to have you singing along.

Dan Miftari’s Music

I cruised around his SoundCloud and Spotify profiles for awhile this afternoon. There I found 80’s inspired Rock ballads, modern Americana singer/songwriter Pop, and even Hip-Hop. At the heart of each track is a melody that sticks with the listener long after the song ends. 

Dan’s latest song is an uplifting Pop number called “Diamond.” On the track, he collaborates with singer AYA and Hip-hop artist Davo MHT. Each performer does an excellent job of using their formidable talents to promote the song’s positive, feel-good message.

Positive and Inspiring

Lyrically the tune delivers the empowering message that “you” (the listener) are a “diamond in disguise.” The R&B style and Pop bounce in AYA’s vocal meshes perfectly with the ’70’s meets modern-day’ vibe.

At the heart of “Diamond” is the one-two snap of a funky Pop groove. The star of this beat is a synth bass line that sounds like some long lost Jackson 5 bop. That is an excellent company to be in if you’re in the business of writing sticky-sweet R&B Pop funk.

The rest of the production makes all the right moves to backup the feel-good vibe of the beat. I really like the backbeat guitar and the subtle use of keys. There is even a little bit of fun record scratching, and a nice disco-style string section during the song’s bridge.

“Diamond” is currently available at CDBaby and SoundCloud and will soon be released to all major streaming services. Check it out, and follow the links below to connect with Dan.






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